FAQ's About Meditation

The best approach for incorporating meditation into your child’s routine is to commit to the practice frequently. Even if it’s just 30 seconds every day to start with, this half-minute will soon turn to five minutes, 10 minutes, and possibly even more the older they get. While on this journey, meditating every day may not be easy. Some days your child will be more than willing to participate. Other days, not so much. The key is to remain patient and consistent as you help guide them. Considering all the benefits, it will be worth this time and effort.

If you’re a goal-oriented person, this question may be the most important to you. When exactly will you start seeing the benefits of meditation in your child’s everyday life?

You want to make sure you’re on the right track. I get it. But one of the best things about meditation is that you can’t actually do it wrong. The most important thing is to start. As soon as you sit down with your child to meditate, you’re already halfway there. And when you’re looking for the results, it’s probably not going to look like fireworks or flashing lights above your child’s head. Instead, it may be seen in much subtler ways. For example, your child may start sleeping better after struggling for a while. Instead of focusing on the results, just trust in the process, and the rest will take care of itself.

We would really want our little friends to be as comfortable as possible. For this – we highly recommend parents to send their child with a comfy cushion from home, that they can sit on for their meditation. The idea is that your child can use something familiar to recreate the meditative space back home for their practice.

Generally, each session goes on for 45 mins, however sometimes it can go 5 mins over. We prefer that parents are still on time to pick up their kids.

While we run the meditative session with your little ones, it is important that kids learn quickly that the session is only meant for them whenever they can focus uninterruptedly and follow our instructions and it is always easier to do so while the parents aren’t hanging around. We have the Glass Vergola where parents can relax and enjoy the various home bakes and meals offered, alternatively we also have Amaroo and Bonner shops which is 5 mins away and easy to get to.

We have a limit of 5 children per session.