Why should parents introduce Meditation at an early stage of their child’s life?

Introducing your child to meditation during the early years of their life would help them be more prepared for the emotionally challenging teenage and adolescence years of their life. They would be more effective in dealing the stresses of school, exam and assignments as well as managing their relationships with parents, siblings, and friends.

The benefits of mindfulness for kids are many. Being present with the present moment, being able to sit still and look at things in a greater perspective, learning how to be quiet and still, all contribute to making kids happier and more able to live in the moment and take what is given to them. When they learn to be mindful, kids are better able to see the big picture and are better able to appreciate and respect what is around them.

What are some of the many benefits of practicing Meditation consistently?

Multiple studies have shown the great benefits of meditation in kids’ lives. One study showed the effectiveness of mindfulness meditation in adolescence; another one revealed how meditation helped students perform better academically; and this study focused on the link between emotional intelligence and meditation in teens.

This is just some of the resounding evidence that speaks to one fact: Meditation can be incredibly beneficial in many aspects of children’s lives.

Here are other notable ways meditation can help your child:

Mindful, Meditative Minds

I have developed this program – “Mindful, Meditative Minds” for kids 3-5yrs, 6-7yrs and 8-11yrs very carefully by trying and testing it on my own child and I know that it works wonderfully. Another reason for offering the program to the wider public is so that other children like mine, can benefit from it as well as the parents.

The program runs for 8 weeks where I teach your children various highly effective tools and techniques of meditation which will stay with them all lifelong.

There is a significant benefit of practicing meditation to name few would be to –  relieve stress and boost the immune system. Studies have shown that people who practice mindfulness have better health and a greater sense of well-being. The practice has even been shown to alter the structure of the brain. In addition to being beneficial to individuals, mindfulness classes are also suitable for caregivers who want to be there for their loved ones.

It teaches how to practice meditation, cultivate self-compassion, and find happiness. It also improves attention span, amplifies focus, builds resilience to stress, and promotes compassion.

Mindful Meditative Minds


Mindful Meditative Minds


Mindful Meditative Minds


School Holiday Program

This is an intense 2 week program with the mindful mediative minds 8 sessions being compressed into the 2 weeks.   I will teach your children various tools and techniques of meditation which will stay with them all lifelong.


Meditative Retreat

Bhoomi’s approach to the artificial world we live in, is by offering our day retreat that is designed to help you get away from the fast-pace data connected life and surrender yourself into the peaceful elegance and tranquil surrounds of our Bhoomi Spa. The 60 mins of mindful meditation along with yoga stretches will help you let go of the day to day stresses and anxiety followed by a 60mins of Aromatherapy body massage with healing energies will help you unwind and relax. The mineral bath will ease your senses and help you get over any aches and pains in your body.

Our home cooked organic vegan food at the end of the retreat will truly restore and enrich your being.

We at Bhoomi Day Sap want you to have an experience and inspiration you can remember when you leave us with your new found energy.

Online Meditation Class

Online Classes will be made available for all ages in the future.

“We are still working on the online timings. Please register your interest”